I have 10 years’ experience in all areas of design, translating user and business requirements into high quality visuals that form the foundation of great website experiences.

Solid success in designing, directing and implementing a broad range of design projects, campaigns and promotions from concept to live , bridging the gaps between designers, developers, product managers and clients both national and international including: Hertz, FireFly, Thrifty, Wren Press, The Color Company, Loot, Loot Recruit, Air France, Wimbledon, MotoGP…see full list here

During my Master’s studies i developed an Online Grading System in 2007 – online version of standard school diary for storing results of the tests, track enrollment status and store multiple contacts, addresses, demographic and academic data for each student. Exporting data to Excel and print reports.As a front-end developer; I specialize in creating custom web sites for other businesses, focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development.

Following the completion of a series of projects for companies in Croatia, Bulgaria and Australia, I have relocated to London, to improve my skills and to continue to be creative in every area of my life.

Detailing is something I take pride in with my work, the small finishing touches can really bring out the final experience!

Specialties: Creative & Art Direction, Design & Development and always in love with Filming and Photography.

I’m available for freelance work, please use the contact section to chat.